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iOS Development

9+ years of experience

Some of the apps I've worked on that are in the App Store:

Lotus Wei Icon

For Clients

App for helping figure out which essences to buy and tracking progress once you start using them. Did all programming & most of the chopping of assets from Photoshop files.

Lotus Wei

Game Randomizinator Icon

Gaming Accessory

App for adding a dose of randomness to your party games. Did all design & programming.

Game Randomizinator

Stories on Stix Icon

For Family

Creative writing app that gives you five random story components and an area to write. Did all programming & some chopping/modification of assets from Photoshop files. Optimized animation images to improve app size and animation times.

Stories on Stix

Multipixity Icon

Camera Fun

Photography tool for viewing and taking reflected images. Did all programming & chopping/modification of assets from Illustrator files.


Web Development

Occasionally dusted off for personal projects

(Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

  • Building apps for clients
  • Subcontracting for dev shops
  • Creating web apps with APIs that interact with iOS apps
  • Making Facebook apps with web interfaces

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Game Development

I might dive back into game dev some day…

(Unity, C#)

Go Fish for Kids Icon

For Clients

The classic card game with a new look and feel. I did all programming and card animations as a subcontractor for Volo Digital.

Go Fish for Kids