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Stories on Stix Icon

Stories on Stix

Creative writing app that gives you five random story components and an area to write. The who, what, when, where and details are provided, and it's up to you to decide how they all fit together.

Multipixity Icon


Photography tool for viewing and taking reflected images. The live preview shows what you would get out of a snapshot of the current scene, or you can open the native camera for more fine-tuned control.

Live Overlay Icon

Live Overlay

A tool for helping make decisions, art, or even decisions about art! View text or images in front of a live camera view.

List Comparinator Icon

List Comparinator

Handy list comparison tool. Quickly see what is the same in, different between or everything contained in two lists.

9ifications Icon


A utility to create reminders any day(s) of the week without cluttering your calendar or making multiple alarms.

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Insta Sound FX

A bunch of soundboards that play the sound you set instantly when the app loads. Available for iOS and Android.

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Game Randomizinator

App for adding a dose of randomness to your party games.

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